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Tasty products are the synonyms of healthy food and balanced lifestyle for modern people


All those who believe in healthy nutrition can become fans of our products.

We offer 5 different categories:

tasty bar

Tasty bar

easily replaces breakfast, like oat meals. The bar contains 50% high quality natural oats

protein bar

Protein bar

with the protein percentage between 20-35, our Protein Bar is a good choice for sportists.

tasty sticks

Tasty sticks

Energy sticks are also made of 50% oat but have a more intense flavouring.


Low sugar

is a fantastic product for those who take care of their health one step higher, and are lovers of tasty and fresh products.

no sugar bar

No sugar

Our oat bar with no added sugar has an exceptional popularity.


dedicated employes


m2 workplace


bars every year


Our partners

We are following the latest market trends and we also want to meet all the customers requirements. We are prepared to expand according to the demands of our clients.

We proudly claim that we meet IFS food standard wich is required and accepted by most popular retailers:

tastyland production

The production process is optimized for a most efficient workflow. We are proud that we can run a semi-automatic production line.

The benefits are constant quality and a full control of every process.

private label tastyland

We are doing private label as our customers request.

Our clients can choose weight, taste, flavours and packing of the desired bar.

tastyland distribution

We can also provide a professional logistic solution and consult you about customs.

Our goal is to work with one distributor for retails in each country or we can agree on a white label concept.

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